Saturday, May 05, 2012

Almost ready....

It has taken a while, but the extensions to our chicken house have almost been completed, which means hopefully next week we will be able to invite some new friends to come and live with us.  Now the big question is do we pay more and buy older birds and have them laying almost immediately, or pay less for younger birds and pay for their feed until they start laying in a few months..... decisions, decisions!


  1. but the little ones are so cute!

  2. Uncle Mike7:15 AM

    I vote cute little ones too!

  3. I love that new extension on your chicken house Jo! Looks fantastic.

    As for which ones to buy. That's a tough one. Having the older ones being able to lay almost immediately sounds great! But then the cuteness from the little ones sounds good too though. I'll be excited to see which way you and your family decided to go! : )

  4. What a lovely chicken house! Personally as a newbie I'd go with older ones, but you are an expert so either would be fine!