Sunday, May 20, 2012

Background music

I usually update in the evening, but my brother is bored and is demanding another entry so just to keep the family peace, I'll update a little earlier than usual.  You may remember that earlier in the year we re-papered our toilet with a bird pattern, which definitely brightens it up a bit.  To go with the bird theme we have now introduced appropriate background music to enjoy while you are sitting (or standing) enjoying the new wallpaper.  When we re-papered we removed the fan that we never used and forgot to block up the hole.  A couple of birds have found it is the perfect place for their nest and judging by the volume of chirping that was going on last time I was occupying the room they are either having a great time as a couple or they have produced a few offspring.  Either way we've decided to let them entertain us until they all decide to vacate their nest and then hopefully we will remember to fill up the hole before the next entertainers arrive.  Or perhaps the idea will catch on and everyone will start putting birds in their fans in preference to the lovely running water music they often use in Japanese toilets to disguise the noise of your tinkling in the porcelain!

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  1. Make sure to remember to remove the bird's nest as soon as they are out, or you will have the same problem as me: Bird mites all over the inside of your house!

    The mites are normally staying on the birds, but when they are out, they will go to where it is warm and damp, which is usually inside. They are so little, that they only way to get rid of them is to use a "barusan" fog-maker thingy...