Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher's visit

Sometimes I make myself laugh.  Today was the day when both children's teachers would come and visit to talk about how they are doing and generally have a look at where we live.  They are on a tight schedule and I think each house is allotted about 15 minutes - then 5 minutes travelling time to get to the next house.  A lot of people go crazy cleaning the entire house and preparing lots of special cake etc., but in reality the teachers race in (usually without looking sideways), never touch any food or drink you have prepared (neither would I if I had to visit 6 or so houses in a row and didn't want to ask to use their toilet....), chat about random things for 15 minutes (usually totally unrelated to the children) and then race away to the next place.  
So, with this in mind I decided I was not going to clean the entire house - only the places they would actually come in to and I went as far as not cleaning the deck etc. on principle.  Instead I decided to clean the bathroom... with the  water blaster... why, I have no idea - perhaps I was thinking that they might ask to take a shower?  Who knows!!!  I wonder where their visit will inspire me to clean next year.
Having said they only stay for 15 minutes.... Emily's teacher stayed for one hour tonight and two years ago I hit the jackpot when the teacher stayed for 2 hours... and then quit school the following day!  I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with her visit here, but it does make me a bit wary of making people feel too much at home!

In chicken news, the sick chicken spent the whole day with her pals and although she is still a bit wobbly seems to be doing okay.  They all managed to make it into their beds before I got there to put them away tonight - 10 white/pink ones in one box and 5 brown ones in the other.  I hope the discrimination police don't pop in for a visit!.  Heather - the brown ones are called "Boris Brown" - I think it may be a brand name?  The white ones are "Julia" and the pink ones are "Sonia".  I have a feeling there are many different names for basically the same chooks.


  1. at least you now have a sparkly bathroom! Just let me know if anyone comes and starts giving the chickens crap cause they mixed together and I'll get hub to come give them a discrimination going over.

  2. LOL, that the teachers stayed so long. They must like you. : )

    Good news about the sick chicken. Sounds like she'll pull through then.