Saturday, May 12, 2012

Deer watching

When we were in Hiroshima we went to Miyajima, which is famous for not only the tori gate in the middle of the sea, but also for all the wild deer that are roaming around the place.  There are big signs everywhere telling you to keep your maps and train tickets out of their reach, but not everyone takes any notice of that and in the 20 minutes I sat "people watching" I saw three maps get chomped.  My favorite chomping was this man who stood with his video camera in one hand and his map in the other.  He got really excited when he started taking a video of the deer and it just kept coming closer and closer.  It took him quite a while to realise that it wasn't his lovely cologne that was attracting the deer to him, but rather the map in his other hand that the deer was busy snacking away on!  By the time he realised what was going on the map was well and truely wedged in the deers jaws and the man had to head back to the station to get another map....

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