Friday, May 18, 2012

Sleeping arrangements

It only took 2 days of herding the chickens into their house for them to understand that they should just potter into bed when it starts to get dark.  You may remember that we extended the chicken house this year so they would have a bit more space to spread out.  We also made lots of extra perching space for them to use when they are sleeping.  As you can see from the picture it doesn't look like it was necessary - not yet anyway!  They have a choice of six nesting boxes and yet they always choose to sleep in only one - all together....  They rotate which one they use each night and I'm not sure which chicken gets to choose which box they will sleep in, but it appears that they all just go along with it without complaining too much.  I guess they really are Japanese chickens!   I'm glad that they are keeping each other warm, but I'm hoping they will start to spread out a bit more as they get bigger or we may end up with some more chicken sandwiches in the very near future!


  1. ohhhhh how sweet! You aren't going in and putting them on the perches? We were told sleeping in the nesting boxes wasn't a good idea and spent a week nocturnal perch-training them. Now I wonder if we were conned!

  2. LOL - Japanese chickens. If only it was that easy sleep training small children. Thanks for yesterday :) Kids loving your bikkies!

  3. Hope none of them become chicken sandwiches yet...before their time. : ) I love your sense of humor. I honestly do.

    You have such a nice chicken house. Hope they start spreading out as time goes on.