Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Japanese blogs

I am always interested in the huge number of people who are now blogging - and the huge number of reasons why people blog.  Recently I discovered a site which is starting to compile "Japan related blogs which are written in English".  The list is already pretty long, and is a good place to waste a few hours if you are interested in discovering other people that are living in Japan and dealing with everyday things here.  For anyone interested the address is: http://www.japanbloglist.com/

In other news - the chickens have learnt very quickly that they sleep inside the chicken house and need no prompting from us in the evenings to hop into bed.  The sick chicken appears to have made a miraculous recovery and is friends with all the other chickens.  It finally rained today so the garden got a well needed soaking.  And from tomorrow we have the first of 3 groups of junior high school children coming to stay.  Only 4 boys this time and only for one night so I'm hoping I can keep them out of trouble for the 21 hours or so that they are here.  I might just keep the axes locked away.....

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  1. Do you name your chickens? Kiseki might be a good name for the miracle chicken.