Friday, May 25, 2012

Thinking games

The girls have arrived and seem to be very nice - not too giggly, not too quiet - pretty easily entertained.  I may not be saying the same thing by Sunday afternoon, but for now they are a nice group to have.  Sometimes evenings are the hardest part of entertaining groups - there is nothing to actually "do" and if they are not very talkative it is sometimes a bit painful trying to keep conversations going.  So we usually bring out our "thinking games" box and in general they spend hours struggling over where to put the polar bear, how to get the train out and how to turn the mouse's bottom into a head.  Tonight I sent them back to the cottage at 10pm when it didn't look like they were ever going to give up.  Considering they had been up since 5am they were doing very well!
Our favorite games are: Say Cheese by Popular Playthings, Railroad Rush Hour by Think Fun, North Pole Camouflage by Smart Games and a funny mole puzzle thingy that Mum picked out of a box of junk at the auction house.  There is one other wooden puzzle that is another favourite, but they were so frustrated that they couldn't work it out that they took it to bed with them.  I'm guessing at about 3am there will be an excited girl come rushing over to inform us that she has finally worked it out!

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