Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fire bugs

During this season I am continuously complaining about the amount of smoke that is produced by the farmers who insist on burning off all the dead grass around their rice fields.  Every time I put the washing out the not-so-delicious scent of smoke seems to appear out of nowhere and forces me to put the washing back inside until it passes.  However today I wasn't complaining about the smoke... because it was giving the very quiet boys something to do for quite a long time.  My husband took the morning off work so he entertained them by letting them set fire to the bank after digging a bit of bamboo and cutting a bit more bamboo to use in the garden.  I dropped them back this afternoon and I think they enjoyed themselves... always a bit hard to tell with quiet groups!
Another group arrives tomorrow - 5 girls for two nights.  Here's hoping they have a bit more spunk than the last group... but perhaps not quite as much as the first group.... life is always a balancing act!


  1. bet they loved it. What boy wouldn't like the opportunity to actually be allowed to set something on fire :) Hope the next group goes well. Hopefully catch up with you out the other side of that tunnel next week.

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    OH! I thought I was the only person here who complained about that!! When I was hauling out the futons that happened...what PAIN! I had to quickly try and haul them back in again until the smoke cleared! THAT was not fun! In Saipan people burned all the time...they burned everything-even rubbish. It stank to high heaven! I hated it. I have asthma and it really irritates my lungs! I wish there was some sort of law about burning here. I'd be the first to call and complain!