Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cabbage tree flower

In 2006 I brought back some cabbage tree seedlings from my father's garden (first photo) that have really taken off and this year two of them have produced flowers.  The latest one has a huge flower head that I'm hoping will drop some seeds and produce a few more seedlings - otherwise I might need to go and raid Dad's garden again in the near future!  I know that in New Zealand wood pigeons are attracted to the seeds, but I am yet to find a Japanese bird that has come for a feed.  As long as the crows don't take to them I will be happy!

In other news... I discovered an amazing fact tonight.  You can put your memory stick with all your data for English teaching for the last 3 years through a complete wash cycle, let it dry in the pocket of your trousers in the hot sun all day, pull it out, shake it off, pop it into the computer and.... it will still work!  I don't recommend it, but was quite a relief to see the folders all pop up on the screen.  Needless to say I made a backup of it tonight and I won't be trying it again in the near future!.

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