Friday, June 08, 2012

Smile and Nod day

There are some days when I feel like protesting and trying to change some of the insane things that we are faced with here and other days when I just can't be bothered and stick with my "smile and nod" attitude and just let the strange things go flying by.  Fortunately yesterday I was in one of my "smile and nod" phases as I had to get a very basic health check completed so that a couple of schools could finish all their paperwork for the pitiful financial gesture they pay me each year.  
The first smile and nod moment was when they handed me the forms on June 6th and told me they needed to be filled in by May 31st.... so could I ask the doctor to just write May 31st on them.  Sure, why not... the doctor just smiled and nodded when I asked him, so perhaps the Venus movements of the previous day were having a positive effect on everyone.  The second nod and smile moment was when they told me that they really needed the forms either today or the next day...  again, sure, why not - it is not as if I work or anything (in reality I work at 8 different places at last count).
The final smile and nod moment was when I looked at the information that I had to supply.  Just to remind you - this check was to make sure I was healthy enough to teach at primary schools for a total of 17 hours... in the year!  
The categories (from memory):
Bust size
Eye sight test
Hearing test
Blood pressure
Quick check with the stethoscope on my chest and back

Can you guess which categories I may have questioned if I wasn't in my smile and nod phase?  To give the school credit they were also apologetic about the whole thing, but in order to get the funding they needed the specific form filled out.  I wonder if I could claim some kind of compensation if during the time I am teaching my bust size increased or decreased to a huge extent.... or maybe if I lost a few centimeters off my height.....


  1. I'm sure that bust size is an indicator of heart health or something, not just a ridiculous parameter put on by a perverted bureaucrat.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    HI, are you sure it wasn't waist size. Japan is really big on metabolic syndrome at the moment, which they are specifying if your waist is over 90 cms. (I think that this is what it was for women..). along with high blood pressure etc. I've never had my bust measured... Nancy Tsurumaki

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I've had bust before and was quite vocal that was stupid - as big tits, if you are of healthy weight (which I was at time) has no indication on bloody anything. Have big health check next Friday and I will go armed ready to decline this - although from memory the big health checks when at APU didn't include this. Although, at APU check I remember having to expose complete upper half and have suction caps placed on chest for something - but none directly on boobs and therefore why do you need to be completely exposed - with a man getting the same thing done 10 cm away with only a pathetic partition. God damn it - you've gone and worked me up and I haven't even had it yet!!

    Will pop in on Monday if you're free.