Saturday, June 02, 2012

Itchy, itchy, itchy!

I was under the impression that allergies were something that you had from birth and which you sometimes grew out of as you got older.  Unfortunately I was completely wrong and allergies in my case seem to be cropping up in different forms at some of the most stupid times.  My latest allergy seems to be to some kind of weed in my garden... not sure exactly which one it is, but I've been getting increasingly itchy every time I go into the garden lately and today it hit its peak.  I was stupid enough to go into the garden for just an hour before taking the kids to swimming and only putting on one thin long sleeved shirt... the result... itchy, itchy, itchy!  My stomach and boobies were also the same but I'll save you the horror of having to look at them!  I'm guessing it is some kind of hives and have discovered that my hay fever medicine does a reasonable job of getting it under control.  I guess it is a good excuse to not weed the garden and leave it all for when Mum arrives in a couple of weeks!


  1. Ouch ouch ouch. If you have some oatmeal, put it in an old sock (about half a foot full!) and tie it up and chuck it in your bath. It will soothe things a bit but be careful as it makes the bottom of the bath slippery. Don't add a clonked head to your troubles!!

  2. wow- that was THROUGH your top?? You poor thing! I had great luck with over the counter antihistamine when I got okraed. That and oatmeal and icepacks anyway. Hope you can work out what it is and avoid it!