Monday, June 04, 2012

Tomato planting

I often make the mistake of thinking that I've got a spare hour so I'll just whip out and plant a few of the seedlings that I have ready in the tunnel house.  Of course the reality is that before I can actually plant them I need to remove all the weeds, do a bit of digging, fertilising and general ground preparation before I can even think about planting something.  Over the last two days I went a step further by 
1.  Plowing in all the clover that had managed to grow (despite my mother-in-law's efforts to remove it)
2.  Laying plastic mulch to try and reduce the number of weeds (not pretty, but my itchy arms will thank me in the future!)
3.  Putting on a roof to prevent the rain landing directly on the tomato plants
4.  Attaching strings from the roof pipe and hammering posts in to attach the strings at the bottom (of course I had to go and find the sledge hammer from the parents-in-law's shed first)
5.  Making holes in the plastic and watering the holes
6.  Finally planting the tomato plants! 

I think the actual planting took maybe 10 minutes... but the preparation took about 4 hours.  Tomorrow the zucchinis really need to be planted out..... I may need to get up early!


  1. Uncle Mike5:54 AM

    That's a really nifty looking mini-tunnelhouse thingee!

    Although I had to look about 4 times, as the slightly skinny scarecrow made me wonder if the picture hadn't just been squashed up sideways!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if it's not cheaper to buy tomatoes from the local farmers. It's certainly easier!